Pack Walk Sydney Park


Around Inner West Parks

How to Register and join the gang!

Please message me for the link to join our WhatsApp group to keep you updated with all the news and dates for the next walk. We meet at 7:50am on a Sunday morning and begin the walk at 8am. The walks are every second Sunday.


  1. Food is allowed but please only feed your dog and noone elses. Others may be on special diets etc so please don't be tempted no matter how cute.

  2. No toys allowed to be used on the walk. If you have one on your person please keep it hidden in a bag or pocket until the end of the walk. We want to keep the dogs calm and attentive rather than aroused on the walks.

  3. All dogs of any shape and size are welcome.

  4. All friendly humans are welcome, kids included.

  5. You are responsible for the safety of both your dog(s), kids and yourself during the walk.

  6. You must clean up after your dog, so please carry your own poop bags. I suggest that you carry at least 3 bags with you.

  7. All owners must have a leash for each dog they bring.

  8. You may bring more than one dog but must be able to keep an eye on all of them by yourself.

  9. If you do not have effective control of your dog(s) off-leash you will be required to keep your dog on leash at all times.

  10. During this walk we will cross busy entry roads, you must either leash your dog or have a solid stay command to ensure their safety and yours.

  11. Your dog does not have to be trained by me to attend the walk, so please come along and spread the word.

  12. Have Fun!